Dee's Mini Lop Rabbits
Dee's Mini Lop Rabbits
The four girls- Little Gem, Kiwi, Banana, and Coconut

Mini Lion Lops:We only have a handful of these. We have chosen to enhance the breed ourselves, which is a very slow process, especially when your key doe just will not breed! Our first major show with Lion Lops was The Stafford Six Star Show, where we were very luck to win ‘Best Under Five Months Other Variety Lop’ with a young Agouti doe called Mange Tout. She also made it on to the ‘Victory Row Section’ and we hope that there will be many more successes to follow. 2013 and the Lionlops are gradually coming the way we had hoped. We have been working on Sootyfawn in the process, We have nice Oranges, Sealpoints & a stunning Fawn coming on. 2013- WE WON OUR FIRST BEST LOP, in show with Coconut, I've been stuggling with the weight on these and in the last few years found I've been keeping more of them as pets for myself than showing them, we have three bonded pairs, the Girls that I have not got around to breeding that are now to old, only one un-neutered Buck and Silka my only breeding Doe.

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